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ABENA Diapers – ABENA ABRI-Form – ABENA X-Plus Review

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ABENA Diapers, especially ABENA ABRI-Form X-Plus, are the best adult diapers that I have ever used. I highly recommend ABENA Diapers. Being a caregiver for your love one is not easy, especially when she has both Parkinson and incontinence. My mother’s night urine volume is between 900cc and 1300cc. Finding diapers with super absorbency became a priority. I tried all the brands that were available in retail stores, but none of them performed well. Some brands did claim the absorbency that could fit my need; however, when the urine in the diaper was accumulated to a certain amount, those diapers failed to prevent the leakage effectively and the material (cotton) became...

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Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils?

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The Meaning of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils   “Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils” means the essential oils were carefully sourced, produced and suitable for holistic aromatherapy and self-care use. However, the phrase “Therapeutic Grade” may be misleading because there is NO standard grading system sponsored by the governmental institution exists for essential oils. “Therapeutic Quality” would be a better term.   Essential oils may be used for many occasions. For example, they are frequently used in the food industries as flavoring agents. The quality and standard of essential oils for food usage will certainly be different from essential oils...

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doTERRA Scam?

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Is doTERRA a scam? doTERRA is operated under MLM business model, and doTERRA essential oils have much higher price than other brands. Indeed, multi-level marketing may lead to multilayer exploitation, which could be the root of the high price rather the true value of the product. In order to help the readers justify whether it is a “doTERRA scam” or a genuine “Gift of the Earth,” this doTERRA Reviews will analyze the doTERRA essential oils from the perspective of both consumer and business.     doTERRA Reviews – A Consumer View   About CPTG CPTG, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, is a registered trademark of doTERRA Holdings, LLC. doTERRA,...

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